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At Texas Ranch Journal, we believe that ranching is a Texas heritage. For close to three centuries ranching has been a significant industry in Texas. While many people who aren’t from or haven’t been to Texas may believe that we all raise longhorn cattle and ride horses to school and work, we Texans know the truth. We raise cattle of all breeds along with horses, sheep, and goats. The lush pastures and expansive landscape has continued to allow livestock to thrive with minimum care.

Since the release of the first issue in late 2016, Texas Ranch Journal has aimed to provide a leisure guide to those who are involved with and those who wish to join the farming and ranching world. We are a new yet nostalgic platform to immerse into incredible ranch listings available for sale across the state of Texas, as well as informative and insightful articles regarding the farm and ranch industry.

Our contributors include many qualified professionals who have worked with ranch owners, buyers, and sellers all over the state. These professionals include bankers, lawyers, outfitters, farmers, ranchers, hunters, and more.

Each issue also features the work of incredibly talented Texas Artists from all over the state, as well as a few advertorials from our selective list of sponsors.

If you wish to become a sponsor, submit an article or want your art to be featured in the Texas Ranch Journal, Contact Us today!

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